What We Offer

Our Services are offered throughout the Lower Mainland and throughout the Fraser Valley.

*Each lesson is 60 minutes duration and contians a minimum of 50 minutes of practice time. First five minutes will be instructions and last 5 minutes will be for review*

*We offer one on one training only*

*icbc road test fee not included in our prices*


Class 1 MELT Course (140+ hours)

140 hours lessons plus use of the school vehicle for road test.

MELT Program will be required for drivers taking a Class 1 Road Test in BC must undergo a rigid training program that exceeds the minimum requirements set by the National Safety Code Standard, composed of a minimum of 140 hours of instruction and

Students must qualify in all assessments theory and practical, full attendance is required to complete melt program.

Upgrade Automatic to Manual (minimum 2 hours lesson)

Upgrade auto to manual $130 per 60 minutes lesson plus $500 vehicle use for road test

$130 per hour

Class 3 Lessons(minimum 2 hours lesson)

Class 3 license allows a person to operate trucks with more than two axles, such as dump trucks and large tow trucks

Class 3 lessons will be $130 per hours with a minimum of 2 hour lesson plus $500 for vehicle use


Individual Lesson

Our individual lessons are 60 minute lessons and the amount is payable at the start of each lesson.

Restest (2 hours minimum)

Restest for class 1 & 3 will be $130 per hour with a minimum of 2 hour lesson plus $500 for vehicle use