Jagg Driving School

To Be A Professional Driver


About us

Jagg Driving School takes initiative on delivering exceptional truck driving lesson towards developing good driving habits and skills to stay safe on the roads.

We guarantee that our on road experience will help students to become a professional driver. Our school offers a variety of different services that will be beneficial to our students which will develop good driving skills and habits.

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What We Offer

Our Services are offered throughout the Lower Mainland and throughout the Fraser Valley.


Class 1 MELT Program (150+ hours)

MELT Program will be required for drivers taking a Class 1 Road Test in BC must undergo a rigid training program that exceeds the minimum requirements set by the National Safety Code Standard, composed of a minimum of 150 hours of instruction and



Upgrade Automatic to Manual Truck Class 1 Package

Class 1 license allows a person to operate a Semi-truck trailer and all other classes of vehicles except motorcycles.

  • 30 Hours- On the road training, pre-trip and road test.



Class 3 Package

Class 3 license allows a person to operate trucks with more than two axles, such as dump trucks and large tow trucks

  • 16 Hours- On the road training, pre-trip and road test.




Individual Lesson

Our individual lessons are available in 4 hour sessions or 6 hour sessions. 




Jagg Driving School Successful Students

At Jagg Driving School we train and develop our students by delivering exceptional truck driving lessons.

Learn with us to succeed